A new breed of bass fishing lures genetically engineered to catch fish.

Creatures avoid predators by adapting to their surroundings and developing new defenses. BioSpawn creates artificial life-forms with attributes that stimulate predators to strike.

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2013 Nov. 04

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Test our lures for free!
Test our lures for free!
Test our lures for free!
Test our lures for free!

Bass fishing

products inspired by 21st century science.

In the world of bass fishing lures, copying another company’s bait design isn't that difficult. It's easier, cheaper, and faster than innovating on your own. But that approach never quite excited us.

We believe that bass fishing products should continue to evolve. Sometimes the improvements needed may be slight and sometimes they may be drastic. But through these types of changes anglers will get better fishing lures. Lures that are fun to use and trigger strikes in the finickiest of fish. We want to design those products.

Our approach to bass fishing lure design is simple. We look at what bass feed on and ask ourselves a simple question: If we could manipulate the genes of those organisms and give them attributes that would stimulate bass to strike, what would we tweak? This philosophy allows us to design bass lures from a new perspective. It keeps our bait designs original and exciting. And, most importantly, they catch fish.