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BioSpawn Fishing Report (5/19/14)

It was a busy first week for BioSpawn anglers. After we featured our product samples in thousands on Mystery Tackle Boxes, we were amazed at the positive reposes we received to our brand and the ExoStick (our first bait). We received ten 5-star reviews of the bait on our website over the weekend alone!

Anglers also started posting pictures of their #biospawn catches on social media. Not only were people catching some nice bass bass, but some caught a SLAB of a crappie and even a trout (That’s gotta be a first for the ExoStick!).

This weekend was also exciting as Tackle Warehouse featured the ExoStick on their site for sale!

All-in-all it was as good of a first week as any company could ask for. We are grateful for the feedback and support from everyone and we look forward to seeing more pictures!

Want to have your picture featured in a future fishing report? Post it on our Facebook Page or on Instagram/Twitter with the hashtag #biospawn.


Photo credits:

Micky Short, Austin Allgire, Kevin Love, mrsocr8smarcusthebaker77ztfdglasscaleb_haynesbass_fishing_florida


  • David Lindsey says...

    Used your product that came with Mystery Tackle box and I must say I am impressed. Caught several bass on the worm and even a 9lb channel cat. Did`nt get the chance for a picture cause he flopped out of the boat. Its nice knowing the lures are a success.

    On May 25, 2014

  • Bobby Melton says...

    Where can I get free bait, I fish all the time even on my lunch break at work!

    On May 19, 2014

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