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Fishing Report - Father's Day Weekend (6/16/14)

Happy Father's Day! Looks like you all were out getting the best Father's Day gift you can get - a solid bass thumb! Some great HAWGS this week on those ExoSticks, and even a shot of some of our stickers making it into the wild! 

Let us see where those stickers end up on social media (#biospawn) and we'll post our faves. If you haven't gotten your BioSpawn sticker yet, they will be going out with every new order now. 

In other news, our PlasmaTails should be available later this week, so keep an eye out for them, and sign up to our tester list to get the first updates when they're ready for sale.

Photo credits:

Tom Doolittle
Facebook-Benny Husnick
Facebook-Erik Kraft
Facebook-Hannah Dickinson‎
Facebook-Jim Smith

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