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Fishing Report (8/11/14)

You guys don't disappoint. And why should you? When you've got genetically engineered baits in your bag, the bass don't stand a chance! We've got a great mix of pigs this week, thanks to the versatile #VileCraws, drop-shot killer #PlamsaTails, and the game-changing #ExoSticks! Record weeks are now just par for the course around here, so here are some of our #biospawn favorites from social media this week.

They seem to get bigger every week. 

Lots of you are asking about BioSpawn gear. We've been getting the lab going on getting some killer gear you can wear while slayin' 'em with your BioSpawn baits. Be sure to sign up to our Tester List and follow us on Facebook to find out when you can nab some before your friends!

Photo Credits:

Bass Utopia
Facebook-Andre G DuQuesnay Jr
Facebook-Chris English
Facebook-Dale Yeager
Facebook-Frank Rodriguez
Facebook-James Snyder
Facebook-Jeremy Smith
Facebook-Jonathan Jackson
Facebook-Kevin Johnson
Facebook-Roger Temple
Facebook-Steve Mui

  • Houston McClurkan says...

    the plasma tails could make for a deadly texas rig in the late summer when it can be tough to capitalize on bites and pull those lunkers in!

    On August 15, 2014

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