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Fishing Report - Labor Day Weekend (9/3/14)

Ooh la la! There must be a lot of happy anglers out there. I mean just look at these beautiful HAWGS! It seems pretty clear by now that even the most finicky fish will jump at the chance for a delicious #ExoStick, yummy #PlasmaTail, or delectable #VileCraw. I mean we've got some real pretty fish here this week. Take a look at our #BioSpawn favorites!

And you know what goes great with a pretty fish? A pretty fisherman (or woman)! That's right...BIOSPAWN GEAR HAS ARRIVED! #BioSwag? #Gear-o-Spawn? Who cares what you call it, it's awesome! Nab some here

And on the topic of looking good, I simply had to award Instagram user @j_iles_32 with what is quite possibly the perfect mustache. Not a hair out of place, even after lipping that hawg! Lends a whole new meaning to "tight lines"! 

Photo Credits:

Facebook-Damon White‎
Facebook-Derek Machado‎
Facebook-Howard SlackLine Mcafee IV‎‎
Facebook-Jason TheLegend Johnson‎
Facebook-Joseph Barthelt‎
Facebook-Justin Blejewski
Facebook-Thaniel Hayes‎

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