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Fishing Report (9/24/14)

Well, another summer has come and gone, but not without some great end-of-summer catches thanks to the #VileCraw, #PlamsaTail, and #ExoStick! As usual, you guys never fail to produce some jealousy-inducing lunkers, and we've rounded up some of our #BioSpawn favorites right here.


Have you gotten your hands on some BioSpawn swag yet? We're starting to see some of these in the wild. Nothing makes an angler look better than a BioSpawn shirt and a HAWG in hand. Fall fishing might mean cooler weather depending on your location, perfect for our Long Sleeve T, just sayin'.


In other news, as you might have seen, our friends at Bass Utopia have been working on some great footage of our baits. We'll keep sharing them as we keep getting them. 

And though summer might be gone, we still have plenty of great fall fishing on our hands, so keep posting those #BioSpawn catches to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and we'll keep sharing them with the world!


Photo Credits:

Facebook-Austin Samples
Facebook-Brady Rouch‎
Facebook-Brandon N Daffeny Smith
Facebook-Bryan Herr‎
Facebook-Justin Blejewski‎
Facebook-Leo Lavin IV‎‎ Howard
Facebook-Matthew Voigt‎
Facebook-Michael Martin
Facebook-Tom Doolittle
Facebook-Jason Dudek‎
Facebook-Hunter Schneider Outdoors‎
Facebook-Ron Gerber‎‎

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