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September 2014 Bait Testers

Fall is here and we have a brand-new list of testers we just picked! This month we included a disguised version of the winner's email along with the names because apparently a lot of people have the same names! This way you can confirm if you are a winner based on your email.

If you see your name on this list, check you email (and junk mail) for instructions. We'll be shipping out the tester packs from August this week so hang in there (we were a little short on bags).


Aaron Sanders | ***T**_*_****@*Otmai*.Com
Adrian Smith | Aa****@Gmail
Alex Kressley | A*Ax***@Yahoo.Com
Alex Saldana | **Xci*Ic*I@Gmail
Alexander Weckmann | G****I****@*Otmai*.Com
Andrew Mendoza | A*****I*Am***Oza@Gmail
Andrew Toles | To***A*@Gmail
Angel Colon | Mai*O***O*@Gmail
Angelo Picariello | ***Ica*@Comca*T.**T
Anthony Rossi | A***O**I@*Otmai*.Com
Austin King | C***Y*I*G**@Yahoo.Com
Austin Shell | A**Ti*A*****@Gmail
Avery Harris | A***Y****A**I*@Yahoo.Com
Bailey Ross | *Ai**Y*O***@Yahoo.Com
Bob Ouderkerken | I*A*O*O*@T**.**T
Bobby Gilliard | *O**Ygi**Ia**_**@Yahoo.Com
Brad Kays | **Ay******@Yahoo.Com
Brady Phillips | Ai*Y**@Yahoo.Com
Brently Necaise | ****T*Y**Cai**@Gmail
Brett Schouten | *A*G**G*Y*****@Yahoo.Com
Brian Lacewell | *Ac*******@Gmail
Brian Roberts | M*****@Gmail
Brian Setlock | **Ia*@*I****G*O**.Com
Brian Thompson | F*Oma*****I**@Gmail
Bryan Finney | *Y*F**@Gmail
Bryan Henderson | I*O***A****@Gmail
Cade Charlie | Ca**C*A**I*****@Gmail
Casey Jerla | ****Aca**Y@Gmail
Casey Kilgore | C*I*Go****@*Otmai*.Com
Chad Thorne | Ct*O*******@Gmail
Chad Hauptman | C*A**Ta*@***Izo*.**T
Charles Andrus | C*A**A**Y****@Yahoo.Com
Charles Howard | T***O*A*******@Gmail
Charles Meredith | M****It*_c**C*@Yahoo.Com
Chee Vang | C*****It*@*Otmai*.Com
Chris Martin | *Cma*Ti***@Yahoo.Com
Chris Miller | C**I*Mi******@*I**.Com
Chris Walket | C*A********@Gmail
Christine Bell | Iam****O@Gmail
Christopher Graham | *A*A*I*I***@Ao*.Com
Christy Mason | C**I*Tyma*O**@Ymai*.Com
Clint Davis | C*I*T*A*I***@Yahoo.Com
Cole Clifford | Cc*Iffo****@Yahoo.Com
Daniel Eville | *A*I****I***@Gmail
Darrell Morgan | *A*******@*Otmai*.Com
Darrick Riddell | *A**Ic**I*****@Yahoo.Com
Darrin Smith | ***Tgo***Ay@Yahoo.Com
Dave Berg | *A*****G**@Yahoo.Com
David Ellis | Max*_*I*@*Otmai*.Com
David Hamman | **Amma***@Yahoo.Com
David House | *A*I**O***_****@Yahoo.Com
David Lesh | ********@Ao*.Com
Dayten Schureman | T***T*C***@Gmail
Derick Markley | ***Ic*Ma****Y@Gmail
Donald Mcgough | ***C*****If*@***Izo*.**T
Drew Thiele | *T*I*****@Gmail
Dustan Lopez | ***Ta***@Gmail
Dustin Carr | ***Ti*Ca**********@Gmail
Dustin Finley | ***Ti*Cfi***Y@Gmail
Dustin Hugg | ***Ti***Gg**@Gmail
Dwayne Reid | *F**I***@Gmail
Edward Lapaugh | ****Oma*@Comca*T.**T
Edward Mullin | M***I***@Gmail
Eric Campbell | C*Azyfox**Yfox@Yahoo.Com
Eric Wiesmann | **Ic.**I*Ma***@Gmail
Ethan Meyer | *M*Y******@Yahoo.Com
Gabriel Buivids | *I*****Y_****@Yahoo.Com
Gary Smith | C**I*I***@Gmail
Gary Sroufe | G***O*F*@Yahoo.Com
Greg Ward | G*A***@T*Ia*.**.Com
Greg Colvin | Ma*T**Mac***@Ao*.Com
Gregory Byers | **Og**.G*@Gmail
Ian Mckendry | Ia*.Mc*****Y@*A***.Com
Isaac Hudson | T*******@Gmail
Jack Novak | *O*A**Ac**@Gmail
Jaden Povolni | *A****O*O**I@Gmail
James Jackson | *Ac**O*_*Am******@Yahoo.Com
James Moffatt | Moffatt***@Gmail
Jared Flicker | *F*O*G*****@Yahoo.Com
Jarey Steunbrecker | *A**Y*T*I*Y@Yahoo.Com
Jason Vines | *A*O**I*****@M**.Com
Jason Moore | ***Ttmoo**@Ao*.Com
Jeffery Russell | C****I*I*T*****@Ao*.Com
Jeremy Brainerd | ***Ai******@Gmail
Jeremy Kleinschmidt | ****I**C*Mi*T@**O****G***.Com
Jesse Ezzell | Mi*I****C@Gmail
Jim House | *Oc**_***@Yahoo.Com
Joel Henline | *****I****@Gmail
Joey Parker | *I**A***@Yahoo.Com
John Fabroski | *O**Fa***@Gmail
John Guerrero | *O***G******O****@Gmail
John Lusk | **O******@Gmail
John Szmitkowski | F*Yfi**I*G*O*O@M*.Com
Jonathan Reed | *A*F***F@Ao*.Com
Jorge Segura | *A**G**A***@Gmail
Joseph Malachosky | Ma*Ac*O**Y**@Gmail
Josh Hoyle | *O***Oy**@Ymai*.Com
Josh Clarke | **Tc*A*******@Gmail
Josh Morris | *_mo**I*_*@*Otmai*.Com
Josh Shuart | *A***A*T@Yahoo.Com
Josh Studebaker | ***_*Am**@Yahoo.Com
Joshua Delgado | **Oc.**@Gmail
Joshua Jones | *T_*O***@Cox.**T
Joshua Stubbs | *T********@Gmail
Juan Gonzalez | Go*Za**Z***@*I**.Com
Justin Czyz | Czyz@*Otmai*.Com
Keith Mc Askill | Mo**I*I**Maxim**@Yahoo.Com
Keith Mason | *O****Oo**@*Omca*T.**T
Ken Kozak | ****Y*Oz****@Yahoo.Com
Kendrick Timothy | **O***@Az***T**.Com
Kenneth Bendolph | **At******@*Otmai*.Com
Kenneth Hall | *A***C@**Tz**O.Com
Kevin Becze | ***I*.**Cz*@Gmail
Kip Kiper | **A*Ag**@Gmail
Lester Stull | ***_*T***@*Otmai*.Com
Mak Lyford | M**Yfo**@Gmail
Mark Curmi | *I**I**I**@Gmail
Mark Snow | Ma**.**O***@Gmail
Mark Wilkes | **It**Ai*Ti*G**C@C*A*T**.**T
Matt Olmsted | *O***O***Ait*@Gmail
Matthew George | Matt***G*O*G*****@Gmail
Matthew Rivera | Mm*I***A**@*Otmai*.Com
Mike Collins | **Azi*I***Mi**@Ao*.Com
Mike Cannon | M*Ga*It***@Yahoo.Com
Morris Hymel | M*********@Yahoo.Com
Neil Grimsley | *I*G*Im**@Gmail
Nick Baisden | Ca**A_*Ai****@*Otmai*.Com
Nick Divone | *Ic*O*A**I*O**@Gmail
Nick Kokenzie | *Ic*.*O***Zi*@Yahoo.Com
Nick Stuart | **T*A*T**@Gmail
Nick Warden | *Ic**A******@Yahoo.Com
Nigel Davies | *O*G***A**@Gmail
Patrick Mitchell | *Mitc********@Yahoo.Com
Patrick Harwell | *Mt****@Yahoo.Com
Patrick Perry | *At*Ic*.****Y@****T***O*Ic*.Com
Randy Decook | *A**Y**Coo*@M**.Com
Richard Fisher | *Ic*A******@*A*T**I**.**T
Rick Noone | *F*****@Yahoo.Com
Rick Struck | **G*****@Yahoo.Com
Robbie Closson | Fa*T*Y*A*@Yahoo.Com
Robert Rushing | **O*.**@Gmail
Robert Pollock | Cam**O***O**A@*Otmai*.Com
Rocky Swindell | **I*******@Yahoo.Com
Rodney Curry | *O***Y*O***Y***@Yahoo.Com
Roy E Ward | *Oy***@Ao*.Com
Ryan Crawford | *Ya**C*A*Fo****@Gmail
Sam Walker | *Ammy***@Gmail
Satchel Luke | ****.*Atc***@Gmail
Scotty Sorgi | *At******Ax**@Gmail
Sean Moran | **A*.Ca*O*@*I**.Com
Shain Harris | **Ai*_*A**I*@Yahoo.Com
Shawn Reeder | *******@*A*I*.Com
Shea Casarez | Ca*A**Z**@Gmail
Stacy Akind | *Tacy****@Gmail
Stacy Sanderson | O**Y*O**T@Ao*.Com
Stephen Barday | T**A**Ay@Gmail
Stephen Becker | *T**-**C@O*T*Oo*.Com
Steven Allen | *T*Aig*T*I***T****@Att.**T
Td Rider | C*A******T*Oy@Gmail
Terry Johnson | T**_**@Yahoo.Com
Travis Armentrout | T*A***Ai***@Yahoo.Com
Trent Cooke | Ca*I*I*.T*C@Gmail
Trent Joyce | T***T*Oyc**@Gmail
Trey Ivey | **Zz*Ai****@Yahoo.Com
Tyler Barnthouse | Ty****A**T*O***@Gmail
Tyler Mcdaniel | Tymac**@Yahoo.Com
Tyler Robinson | T**To****@Comca*T.**T
Ursula Segrest | *I***A*****@Gmail
Vincent Heider | **I****I*C**T@Gmail
Walter Smitty | *Mitty****@Yahoo.Com
William Carter | **Ca*T***@Gmail
William Gray | *G*Aym*C*A*Ic@Gmail
William Warren | T******@Yahoo.Com
Wilson Grayson | *G*Ay*O*****@Gmail
Zach Ashford | Zac*A**Fo****@Yahoo.Com
Zach Milholland | Zmi**O**A**@Gmail
Zachary Randall | Z*A**A****@Yahoo.Com


Underwater videos coming soon!

We have some incredible underwater footage of all of our baits along with demonstrations on how to fish them. We are doing final editing now and they should be live in a week or so. We will post them on Facebook so be sure to like our page!


  • Calvin says...

    Your baits look fantastic! The dropshots and craws are especially intriguing.

    On October 29, 2014

  • Derrick Haudricourt says...

    can’t wait for these videos! for what’s it worth … the company’s coming along fine!

    On October 07, 2014

  • Jayson ledoux says...

    looks like a real fishing company!!
    Can’t wait to try!!!

    On October 04, 2014

  • Tom Doolittle says...

    congratulations to all the testers this month. You can miss with these baits!!

    On October 04, 2014

  • Ronnie Hansche says...

    I want to start testing your baits also, Please

    On October 03, 2014

  • Troy says...

    Nice, could have used more of them here at the regional on the james. hate when I am running short on a bait. slight miscalculation on what loaded and what I left at the house

    On October 02, 2014

  • Sean says...

    Well maybe I’ll get picked for winter testing here in Kansas?

    On October 02, 2014

  • Nick Sommer says...

    How do I become a tester?

    On October 02, 2014

  • Mike davis says...

    Sweet didn’t get picked again

    On October 02, 2014

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