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October & November Testers Announced

It's that time again! We just picked two sets of testers, 50 for October and 50 for November. Here are the names of the winners: if you are on this list then you should received an email from us today with instructions (check your junk mail).


Rolando Aguirre
Bradley Allen
Justin Almy
Daniel Atchley
Rodney Augustine
Joshua Barton
Brandon Bates
Joseph Bayes
Jason Blair
Michael Borgstrom
Michael Bragg
Ed Brown
Paul Bruni
Tylen Bukata
Troy Calloway
Marcus Casper
Sal Cirrincione
Jeff Clark
Samuel Clements
William cooper
Darren Coslin
Brent Courtney
Harry Crane
Jared Crider
Paul Dannecker
Barry Dasilva
Bill Demler
Steve Doten
Rodney Eury
Chris Figueroa
Scott Findlay
Anthony Fowler
Andre Friedman
Henry Garrett
Scott Gurnee
Ariel Hall
Bill hamm
Sam Harper
John Harris
Brad Hearron
Kyle Hendricks
Morgan Holbrook
Dalton Holyfield
David House
Patrick Imrie
Kevin Jackson
Martin Jennings
Jeffrey Jernigan
Brandon Johnson
Troy Johnson
Gabriel Jones
Ernest King
Trevor Klump
Jeff kroeker
Chad Lanning
Robert Leon
Michael Leroy
David Levendoski
Kongmong Lor
Kurt Marckwardt
Casey Mccullough
Edward Miller
Barry Miller
Kenneth Mitchell
Joe Palermo
Robby Pini
Andrew Ridinger
Tj Riley
Cody Roberts
Adam rodriguez
Tyler Roossien
Andy Rumph
Steve Schoeb
Nathan Schweitzer
Aron Scribner
Mitch Sierra
Simon Smallwood
Jesse Soleta
Ryan Stoerrle
Nathan Stout
Matthew Stults
Justin Sumner
Adam Taylor
Mark Thomas
Michael Thomas
Zach Tobias
Ralph Valenciano
Christopher Vallee
Dale Vandever
Garrett Vanwyck
Brian Vass
Carey Weeks
Jacob West
Kenneth Westbrook
Mike Wheeler
Jacob white
Michael White
James Whitney
Caleb Wright

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  • Chris camacho says...

    Congrats to all the winners. I will soon join you all!!! Best of luck to the current winners and to the next batch of winners!!

    On November 21, 2014

  • tommy patton says...

    QUIT BEGGING. Buy you some baits. I did they’re awesome

    On November 18, 2014

  • Henry Garrett says...

    it says i won this month havent gotten a e mail since the one saying i won not sure what to do now.

    On November 12, 2014

  • Angelo picariello says...

    Hi bio spawn lures, early this month I was emailed saying I’m a field tester for this mont. I did the following steps like puting my address yet my name is not on the October/November list

    On November 09, 2014

  • Barry miller says...

    Says I’m a tester but no email????

    On November 08, 2014

  • Jerry shaw says...

    I’ve been checking the lists and haven’t seen my name and I’m in montana and we only have a couple weeks before winter freezes our water I’m dying to try some of your lures well all of them if I’m honest there isn’t any good places here to buy quality gear please help !!

    On November 07, 2014

  • David Treganowan says...

    I want to try the worms!

    On November 06, 2014

  • Josh Parker says...

    I received my product to test and have already run out. The fish here in N GA wore the out! Good stuff coming from these guys!!

    On November 06, 2014

  • Dave Willis says...

    Congrats to this months winners!!! I am a hard core fisherman. When I find something that works good, I stick with them.
    There’s one type of lure that I buy, I should be C.E O. Of that particular company…hahahaha

    On November 06, 2014

  • Mark Fields says...

    Would love to be a tester. I’m a member if the local club here in Hardee County Florida and we would love to use your products in our new year of Tournaments. We start back in January of next year. Pls think about my suggestion and give me some feed back. Would be great word of mouth advertisement for your lures. Thank You.

    On November 05, 2014

  • Chris graham says...

    I still haven’t received the test baits from September?

    On November 05, 2014

  • Brian Zalinskie says...

    Well another 2 months and never got drawn oh well maybe next time

    On November 05, 2014

  • Calvin says...

    Great videos. Very unique movement to the craw and I like the way the plasma tail stands out on the drop shot. Some worms I have used for this droop way too much.

    On November 05, 2014

  • branden woods says...

    Man I was really hoping to get picked this month hopefully I get to test these out eventually would love to out fish all my buddies hook me up!!

    On November 05, 2014

  • Brian Long says...

    Darn missed out again

    On November 05, 2014

  • Myrick London says...

    Wow just missed out, can’t wait to be on that list…….

    On November 05, 2014

  • buddy thomas says...

    Congrats to all that got picked to test BioSpawn lures!!

    On November 05, 2014

  • Kyle Papy says...

    Never get picked. I fish great ponds that have great results with quality products. I’ve promoted several products that showed amazing results and now everyone I fish with has them. I’d love the opportunity to do the same for you guys.

    On November 05, 2014

  • Robin Nestler says...

    The Plasma Tail is an excellent drop shot bait that does produce very good drop shoot days.

    On November 05, 2014

  • Zane Strode says...

    Nope Never get picked sure would like to try these I fish at least 3 times a week and tried a lot of the new great things that turn out to not even get a bite. So if your product is as good as advertised send me some and I will promote the hell out of them if they work and I have lots of friends who fish!

    On November 05, 2014

  • Jeremy McGarry says...

    Congrats to the testers hope we get some good feed back, I have some up coming tournements rapidly approaching and hope to be on the list soon.

    On November 05, 2014

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